betschdorf grand rueThe project we are developing today is an associative and cooperative project that aims to share knowledge and exchange around natural techniques. The land parcel of about 2000 m2
occupied by the association is located in the beautiful village of Betschdorf in northern Alsace.

The objectives of this project are multiple:
- regain food self-sufficiency
- produce healthy vegetables from an agriculture without synthetic chemical inputs and without GMOs
- create a place of knowledge sharing; a place of exchange on natural production techniques and respectful of the environment
- recreate the link between producers and consumers by promoting short circuits
- welcome the public and lead workshops related to ecology and natural gardening

Many and diversified subjects are discussed and put into practice in our gardens:
- vegetables (including endemic vegetables)
- fruit trees and small fruit trees
- aromatic and medicinal plants
- edible flowers
- hives

Further activities are in progress within our association such as:
- educational activities in schools
- product processing
- tasting events

This project has a real educational vocation for young and old, in addition to a productive part to allow us to regain our food self-sufficiency.


Our gardens can be visited from March until October. You will find all information on our dedicated page.


To access our gardens, please refer to the Access page in the Contacts section of this website.