Your membership is first and foremost a gesture of support. The amount of the contribution will allow the association to support its project which is the following:

To allow members and visitors to regain their food autonomy, to produce vegetables and healthy fruits from an agriculture without synthetic chemical inputs and GMO-free, to create a place of knowledge sharing; a place of exchange on natural gardening, to allow on this the same place, experimenting with alternative culture techniques, recreating the link between producers and consumers, welcoming the public and leading workshops related to ecology and natural gardening, alerting the public to several topics as varied as safeguarding biodiversity or the protection of threatened species.

Your membership will also give you access to the member portal, which details on going projects and allows you to take contact directly with the team in charge of each one. Your membership is also a way to invest yourself in the daily life of the association if you wish to, without any obligation. Come whenever you want, even if it's just to say “hello”!

Volunteers and active members also receive a 40% discount on our vegetables and processed products.

You can use the form below to complete the online membership form through our partner Hello Asso.

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Thank you in advance and see you soon in our gardens!